USC Caruso Catholic Center

The Challenge

USC’s Caruso Catholic Center had successfully engaged more than 400 donors before they suspended operations due to COVID-19. The campaign typically concludes with an exclusive gala dinner event and award presentation set on the picturesque ground of the church and center. When the physical event was postponed due to the pandemic, the Center was unable to execute on their gala and turned to 2gthr Curated Experiences for help.

The Solution

The 2gthr team designed a comprehensive plan to create a virtual award gala experience that would engage attendees and authentically convey the mission of the Center and the impact it has on students and alumni.

In order to achieve high production values and uphold the brand image of the Center, the 2gthr team created an array of production assets that could be used seamlessly during the event to create a professional look and feel within the confines of the technology platform, including video inserts, motion graphic title slides, transitions, music, and more.

The 2gthr team designed and created the following:

-Custom invitations, a dedicated event website, RSVP portal, and email communications

-Contact management for delivery of gifts to guests prior to event (bottle of wine & card)

-Onsite filming in Los Angeles for pre-produced content

-Scripting and run-of-show, speaker prep, tech rehearsals

-Studio equipment set-ups for remote participants (emcee and speakers)

-Production management including multiple teams across three time zones with redundant equipment & controls

-Asset capture for future use by client


90-minute virtual event with uniformly positive feedback from client and guests

99% of attendees stayed until end of event

8-10% revenue increase resulting from strategically targeted fundraising appeals

85% cost decrease for virtual versus live gala budget

Client Examples

  • New Years Eve Blast
  • Special Olympics
  • Wintrust Financial
  • USC Caruso Catholic Center
  • NFL Draft
  • Arena Club at Soldier Field
  • Chicago 2016 Olympic Bid


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