Chicago’s New Year’s Eve Blast

Project Overview

Chicago’s tourism industry was seeking an innovative way to reverse the negative images associated with the city in colder months and to highlight the many positive aspects of visiting in winter.

Our approach was to create an epic New Year’s Eve celebration with global media appeal, capturing the beauty and energy of the City in winter, and highlighting the advantages of winter visitation – lower costs & better availability to top restaurants, plays and museums, for example – while serving as a demand-driving event in its own right, attracting attendees from around the world.


Drive tourism demand and business for hotel, restaurant and bar partners.


Produce a live NYE 2020 TV broadcast anchored around an epic midnight fireworks display on the Chicago River and showcasing partner events.


Multiple venues and events sold-out for NYE activities through marketing and promotion program.

25,000 people watched the one-mile long synchronized fireworks display on the Chicago River.

360,000 television viewers tuned into live broadcast on WGN-TV.

More than 85 million positive media impressions were generated sponsors, the City and the State.

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