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With food provided by Illinois #1 barbecue, Chicago Culinary Kitchen, via their legendary food truck and entertainment from Chicago’s The DJ Firm in their Rock the Block mobile DJ booth, this is a turnkey way to have family fun for your entire block. Delicious food combined with great music will give your entire block a day full of memories.

  • Must give at least 7 days notice
  • Only available to Chicagoland Area


Chicago Culinary Kitchen will have their legendary food truck on-site making food fresh. Guests will receive preset menus at least 1 week before the event. All RSVP’d guests will order and pay before the event. Additional guests will be able to order and pay for food the day of, pending availability. Once the truck is onsite guests and pickup their meals


All that is needed is parking space on your block for Chicago Culinary Kitchen to serve their food and for The DJ Firm to pump the tunes.


Consultation from a 2gthr event specialist

Personalized event website

The DJ Firm has been performing at large scale events for years. Their arrival on your block will get everyone in the spirit of a classic summer block party. You cannot go wrong with this dynamic duo with great food and great music.


Chef and Cicerone Live Discussion

Chat live with the grill-master himself, Greg Gaardbo, for 30min!

CCK Souvenir Axe

Give each of your guests a keepsake that they will treasure, a CCK Axe.

CCK T-Shirt

Grab your limited edition CCK Covid 19 T-Shirt.

Why gthr?

CCK’s BBQ is Texas-Style and our beers are crafty! BBQ is an artisan and requires commitment.  CCK’s meats are delivered fresh and great care is taken when we prepare each cut to be smoked in our Ole Hickory Smoker.  We use a combination of cherry and apple woods in order to impart the delicious and natural sweet smoky flavor and encourage a rich mahogany color.  Our hand-crafted meats are smoked slow and low overnight to be served hot and fresh for your package. Great BBQ is not fast food!  Nor is great BBQ cheap!


Package Price


Base Package

Personalized Yard Sign


Per Sign

Tailgate Furniture Set


Per set

Custom Block Party T-Shirt


Per person (min 20)

Request to book!


The fine print

After your order is placed a 2gthr event specialist will contact you for event details: delivery location(s), occasion, allergies, special requests. This package is only available between 4pm and 8pm on Friday evenings.

  • Only available on Friday evenings
  • Must give at least 7 days notice
  • Only available to Palatine, Hoffman Estates, and Arlington Heights
  • Must be 21 to receive craft beer pack

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