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Group Friendly


Adults Only


Contiguous United States


Gourmet Snacks Available


Curated Experience



What's Included?

With a private DJ set provided by Chicago’s, The DJ Firm, you can treat your employees and clients to this virtual night full of great tunes and fun games. Enhance this experience with food and beverage options to treat all guests to a one-of-a kind experience.

The DJ Firm will join your zoom party directly and begin piping out tunes to everyone’s computer. They will even facilitate trivia where guests “Name that Tune”! At the conlcusion of the DJ set and games your guests are free to stay on the zoom party and continue socializing.



Consultation from a 2gthr event specialist

Personalized event website

A zoom link for you and your guests to join

Live 45 minute feature and interaction with the The DJ Firm

Technical support throughout the event

How It Works

Step #1

Place your booking request online

Select your event date, choose your package, enhancements, and place your order request. There will be no payment taken when you place your order.

Step #2

Finalize package details and event plan

After booking a 2gthr Event Specialist will contact you to finalize your event and package details, event website, guest information, and payment.

Step #3

Packages arrive 24-48hrs before event (If Applicable)

2gthr will ship each package directly to each guest to ensure that they have their package ready before the event.

Step #4

Enjoy the event!

A 2gthr event specialist will be online to help set up the event, introduce the host (if applicable), and fix any technical problems if they arise.


Gourmet Meat, Cheese, and Nut Platter

Quality Hors d’Oeuvres for guests to enjoy during the fun

Cocktail Drink Mix Kit

Unique ingredients to make the perfect drink everytime

Sparkling Grape Juice

Conclude the event with a classy toast

Why gthr?

This collaboration of 2gthr and The DJ Firm combines trivia and great vibes to create a great time in the homes of all your guests. The DJ Firm performs for thousands of people every year and they are committed to providing a high-level experience making you feel you are attending one of their in-person events.


Main Event


Per group

Gourmet Meat, Cheese, and Nuts Platter


Per Platter

(Serves about 3 People) (Shipped directly to each guest)

Cocktail Mix Kits


Per person

(Alcohol not included) (Delivered directly to guest)

Sparkling Grape Juice


Per  Person

(Shipped directly to each guest)

Request to book!


The fine print

After your order is placed a 2gthr event specialist will contact you for event details: delivery location(s), occasion, allergies, special requests, and confirm your requested date.

The main event includes a 45 minute interactive DJ set, the Zoom party platform, technical support throughout the event, and planning/logistics directly with a 2gthr event specialist.

This event is subject to availability


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