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Drive In Movie - Wintrust-75
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What's Included?

The drive-in movie theater is a nostalgic favorite, but time has not been kind to these venues and very few exist today.

Luckily, the 2gthr team has a turnkey solution: Pop-Up, Drive-In Movie Experiences that create the perfect atmosphere for a fun escape.

Showcase your brand, give back to the community, reward your employees, or host your clients with this family-friendly activation that provides your guests with a much-needed night out of the house.

2gthr will bring the full theater experience to the location of your choice: a company parking lot, store locations, public spaces, etc.  

Not only will your guests be thrilled to get out of the house, but they will associate your brand with the first real “event” they’ve attended in months.



  • Mobile HD video screens (up to 33’ wide)
  • Concert-quality sound system and/or FM simulcast
  • Parking layout and social distancing management
  • Custom event webpage, invitations, RSVPs, and tickets
  • Snack and beverage service with vehicle delivery
  • Photo capture during event


  • Dedicated event producer
  • Creative support for invitations & messaging
  • Management of all equipment and personnel
  • Content licensing and brand/message incorporation into program


  • Pre-/post-event entertainment, such as live band or DJ
  • Upgraded food & beverage packages
  • Luxury restroom trailers with sanitation attendants
  • Customizable souvenirs (e.g., beverage cups, apparel, face masks, etc.)


How It Works

Step #1

Place your booking request online

Select your event date, choose your package, enhancements, and place your order request. There will be no payment taken when you place your order.

Step #2

Finalize package details and event plan

After booking a 2gthr Event Specialist will contact you to finalize your event and package details, event website, guest information, and payment.

Step #3

Packages arrive 24-48hrs before event (If Applicable)

2gthr will ship each package directly to each guest to ensure that they have their package ready before the event.

Step #4

Enjoy the event!

A 2gthr event specialist will be online to help set up the event, introduce the host (if applicable), and fix any technical problems if they arise.


Luxury Bathroom Trailer with Sanitation Attendants

Enjoy climate-controlled bathrooms that are professionally cleaned in between each use.

Live Music

Pre-/post-event entertainment including a live band or DJ.

Customizable Souvenirs

Give your guest a customizable take away from your event including, but not limited to beverage cups, apparel, face masks, and more.


Why gthr?

This event is the perfect opportunity to engage your community and host them at your business. Not only will you get local exposure, but you will also have the opportunity to pull in additional partners for added exposure. This is your chance to associate your brand with great memories in tough times.

Request to book

The fine print

Upon submission for request of this event we will get in touch with you. Our team will plan the entire event to your liking and manage it from the inside out. 


This event is subject to availability and pricing will fluctuate with quality of products desired and quantity of guests.


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