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New - Dizzy Snakes - snakes and blue torch shoot from top If there is a life-threatening emergency or active fire, you should call 911. as the snake burns - fun new item (WARNING: Shoots from the back AND FRONT. Using the form will not result in enforcement officers being immediately dispatched to the scene. WARNING ADULTS ONLY - MUST BE OVER 18 Years old. Maximum load safe and sane fireworks fountain "Pour Another" on sale at discount fireworks prices everyday in America's fireworks store online. July 5 –  8am- 9pm All types of fireworks, even those labeled 'safe and sane' are illegal in San José and most of Santa Clara County, including large bottle rockets, roman candles, firecrackers, and sparklers. #8 inch Gold Sparklers - Special Wedding Packages, #10 inch Gold Sparklers - Special Wedding Packages, #14 inch Gold Sparklers - Special Wedding Packages, #20 inch Gold Sparklers - Special Wedding Packages, #36 inch Gold Sparklers - Special Wedding Packages, Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers - Special Wedding Packages, Our Most Popular Wedding Supplies, Cake Sparklers, Confetti Poppers, Sky Lanterns and Water Lanterns, Our Most Popular GLOW sticks, Glow Weddings, LED's. Safe and Sane Registered. Jumbo Clay Smoke Balls SIR Dumps A LOT - Pack of 2 - light the fuse on his butt and watch out for the !!!!! June 22- June 25  7am-10pm Buy 'safe and sane " fireworks online today, Fireworks stores near me has a great selection of the "Top Selling" fireworks fountains at the best prices online. Sparklers can reach over 1,000°F and account for most fireworks-related injuries to children ages five and under. Fountains, sparklers, wheels, smoke and snake items, strobes, ground spinners, novelty fireworks that do not travel, snappers and caps are usually considered "Safe and Sane" fireworks. Full of fountains and novelties. This is a fun bag of fireworks that are all safe and sane. © Firework City Inc.Fireworks City is not affiliated with Meramec Specialty Co. Any products or coupons made available on the website are available for redemption only at Fireworks City locations in Baldwin, Wisconsin. Call 3-1-1 or 408-535-5600, For Emergencies or to Report a Crime in-Progress: p: 715-684-3663 Safe and Sane - This is a term for fireworks that do not have aerial effects or explode. The sale of fireworks may result in a fine of up to $50,000 plus jail time, depending on quantity. Safe and Sane Registered. There are fountains, cones and sparklers in this assortment. For nuisance and/or fireworks use, residents should use the online reporting tool. Check out our newest fireworks products and other exciting items from TNT Fireworks.

Safe and Sane Fireworks.

Dimensions (Inches): 30-7/8x13-5/8x4-1/4 Item Category: Assortment UPC: 27736043521 Fireworks Stores 500 Gram Shot Cakes Sprinkler - Fan - Zipper Cakes 3" Finale Fireworks Cakes 200 Gram Shot Cakes Artillery Shells - Mortars Assortments Packs Bottle Rockets - Skyrockets Missiles Roman Candles Firecrackers Parachutes Safe and Sane Sparklers Party Items Question & Answers Fireworks shipped to your door where allowed. Continuous Rolls of 100, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000 Foot Rolls of Fuse. FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. A great category of fireworks to celebrate with the whole family. Your fireworks celebration will really be a great night when you have the Great Night Extravaganza assortment. Your Government » Departments & Offices » Fire Department » Public Education. Although these items are, overall, less risky than bigger and more powerful fireworks, they can still be dangerous when misused. If the responsible party contests his/her citation, you will be asked to provide evidence regarding this complaint. Discount wholesale fireworks prices, huge selection, friendly service, and we ship anywhere!

SIR Dumps A LOT - Pack of 2 - light the fuse on his butt and watch out for the !!!!! Assortments - Safe & Sane American Pyro $ 69.99. Sept 7- May 21 – 9am-5pm June 19-June 21 – 7am-10pm Under no circumstances shall residents who report the use of illegal fireworks construe that they are acting as an agent or employee of the City, San José Fire Department, or the San José Police Department. It should not be used to report an emergency.

Check out our newest fireworks products and other exciting items from TNT Fireworks. Report illegal fireworks using our online form. Items that are classified as Safe and Sane include sparklers, snaps, smoke balls, fountains, snakes, and (in some cases) wheels. Any photo or video footage containing or related to illegal fireworks use that is submitted may be used by the City as evidence during any stage of an investigation. It’s all presented in a great looking and patriotic tray. Safe & Sane Conforms to laws in many states with restrictions on fireworks. Novelty Fireworks are also known as Safe and Sane Fireworks.

DO NOT STAND IN FRONT at ground level). These more “entry-level” fireworks provide lots of action and excitement for the novice and occasional hobbyist and reduce the … FIREWORKS FUSE - Cannon, Safety, American, Chinese visco, Waterproof, Assorted CLAY Color Smoke Balls 1 Pack of 6 CLAY, Assorted CLAY Color Smoke Balls FULL BOX of 72 - 12 packs of 6 CLAY, Spontaneous Combustion - Loaded with Magic Whip crackling, Pull string Hand Grenade - WHITE SMOKE - 1 piece Bright Star, Pull string Hand Grenade - GREEN SMOKE - 1 piece Bright Star, Pull string Hand Grenade - YELLOW SMOKE - 1 piece Bright Star, Pull string Hand Grenade - PURPLE SMOKE - 1 piece Bright Star, Pull string Hand Grenade - RED SMOKE - 1 piece Bright Star, Pull string Hand Grenade - BLUE SMOKE - 1 piece Bright Star, Wholesale Case of 24 Pull string Hand Grenade - 4 each Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, White, Blue - Bright Star, Explosive Snaps - Firecracker Shaped ADULTs only eXtra Loud Snaps, Pull String Smoke Tubes / Cannisters 1 Pack of 4, Pull string Hand Grenade All WHITE SMOKE - 1 piece, SIR Dumps A LOT - Pack of 2 - light the fuse on his butt and watch out for the !!!!! TNT Fireworks Products: California.

By submitting this information, I understand and agree to the above policy and terms of use. June 26 -July 3  7am-12am

New - 1 Pack of 4 Pull String Smoke Tubes in New COLORS. Great Night Extravaganza Assortment Safe and Sane. May 26 – May 28 9am- 6pm Review a list of fun activities to celebrate the Fourth of July safely.

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