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The majority of the remaining population is agnostic, atheist or indifferent. Italians form a majority of the population of Argentina and neighboring Uruguay: up to two-thirds have some Italian background. About 26% of the population is under 15, which is slightly lower than the world average. Argentina today has a large Arab population, most of whom are from Syria and Lebanon.There are also about 180,000 Asian people, mostly of Chinese and Korean origins. Argentinien hat eine Fläche von 2,78 Millionen km² und ist damit nach Brasilien der zweitgrößte Staat Südamerikas. There are 31,639,940 adults in Argentina. [4] Japanese immigrants were primarily from the island of Okinawa; the majority of dry cleaning establishments in Buenos Aires were, by the mid-20th century, Japanese businesses. The modern Irish-Argentine community is estimated at 500,000-1,000,000. The Kolla are an indigenous people of Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. in 1904, followed by several teams (mainly from England although some Scotland clubs also visited South America) until 1929 with Chelsea F.C. French immigration has left a significant mark on Argentina, with a notable influence on the arts, culture, science and society of the country. [5], As well as those who went to Argentina as industrialists and major landowners, others went as railway engineers, civil engineers and to work in banking and commerce. [4] Some English families owned sugar plantations. The Welsh-Argentine community is centered around Gaiman, Trelew and Trevelin. Afro-Argentines were up to a third of the population during colonial times, most of them slaves brought from Africa to work for the criollos. The Torre de los Ingleses ('Tower of the English') in Buenos Aires was renamed the Torre Monumental following the Falklands War. After the defeat, the country moved toward democracy and civilian rule. The first organized immigration from the Netherlands occurred in 1889, when immigrants came from the area of Friesland. During the wars of independence (1810–21) and the War of the Triple Alliance (1865–70), the male cohort within this ethnic group was reduced when thousands of black citizens were forcefully recruited and used as front-line soldiers. Harrods Buenos Aires became independent of Harrods in the 1940s, but still traded under the Harrods name. During the 1970s the main Asian influx was from South Korea, and during the 1990s from Taiwan and Laos. The number and composition of the population was stable until 1853, when the national government, after passing a constitution, started a campaign to attract European immigration to populate the country. This excluded the Japanese who were the first to arrive and therefore the first to produce a native generation of mixed race Japanese-Argentines, thus integrating more so than the other Asian groups. Their arrival continued over an extended period, from the middle to end of the 19th century, until 1960 of the 20th century. As the 19th century progressed more English families arrived, and many bought land to develop the potential of the Argentine pampas for the large-scale growing of crops. His first mission, which included a surgeon and three fishermen was sent to the Yaghans on the island of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego. Between 1857 and 1950, 6,611,000 European immigrants arrived in Argentina, making it the country with the second biggest immigration wave in the world, only second to the United States with 27 million, and ahead of such other areas of new settlement such as Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Uruguay and permanently changing the ethnography of Argentina.[1][2]. Ukrainian regular immigration to Argentina began in the 19th century. In Córdoba province, English names can be traced in Morrison or James Craik, and in Santa Fe province, there's Armstrong. If you're from Argentina you might already know that these prominent figures are also from your hometown, but some of the names below may really surprise you. South Zone (Chubut Province): 54% European and 46% others. Clubs founded by English railway workers were Ferrocarril Midland (Buenos Aires Midland Railway, Ferro Carril Oeste (Buenos Aires Western Railway) and Talleres de Córdoba (Córdoba Central Railway), Rosario Central (originally "Central Argentine Railway Athletic Club" by Central Argentine Railway workers). Argentina’s population density is around 15 persons per square kilometer and while this is expected to increase in the coming decades, it is well below the world average of 50 persons per kilometer. Unofficial records show that, during the 1860s, 160,000 immigrants arrived in Argentina, while in the 1880s the net number increased to 841,000, almost doubling the population of the country in that decade. At the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, there were over 133 settlements. During World War II, 4,000 Argentines served with all three British armed services, even though Argentina was officially a neutral country during the war. In 1901 they changed their name to "Alumni". In addition, dishes like chucrut (sauerkraut) and many different kinds of sausage like bratwurst have made it into mainstream Argentine cuisine.
After the United States and Brazil, Argentina is among the nations with the largest number of German descendants in the world, together with Australia, Canada, South Africa and France. Argentina’s main industry is agriculture, and the country exports many different foods around the world, such as beef, citrus fruits, soybeans and corn.

Unless you have been living under the rock, you will be no stranger to names like Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, Pope Francis, Che Guevara, Carlos Gardel, and Luis Federico Leloir.

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