adverb | to•geth•er | ə-ˈge-t͟ hər

definition: into one place, as a group, at one time

what we do

online / virtual events

Your next companywide meeting, celebration, or fundraiser needs to embrace the new norm. Our team will take your event to the next level working closely with your company creating a unique and on brand event that will blow your attendees away.

online / virtual events

in-person / physical events

With enough space a very safe and socially distanced event is possible. Utilize your parking lot to give your employees / clients a much-needed night out of fun and entertainment

in-person / physical events

talent & enhancements

Already have an event planned? Our team will efficiently identify amazing talent and / or products that will supplement your existing plan. Your guests will wonder how planned such an amazing event.

talent / enhancements

why we do it

our mission is to connect people.

our vision is to create lasting memories and deep connections through experiences.

our expertise is curating unique experiences that seamlessly blend digital, physical and emotional elements.

our passion is bringing people together.

why 2gthr?

Our Value Proposition

We bring our many years of large and small-scale consulting and event production to the new norm of socially distanced and virtual events. You will find our services and experience extend far beyond that of traditional companies

Our Approach

Rather than focusing on the limitations of virtual platforms, we focus on maximizing their potential and introducing uniquely creative and distinct production elements. This approach creates professional and beautiful events that triumph over boring zoom happy hours.

Our Clients


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